Pick-Up Bands


The Oregon Athletic Bands offer a couple opportunities for high school students and alumni to sit in with the band! When games are scheduled when the full band cannot attend, we call for volunteers to put together a “Pick-Up Band”. Upcoming opportunities can be found on our blog in the NEWS category.


Football Pick-Up Band

Lately, football season has started earlier and earlier! As the OMB first officially gets together two weeks before classes begin, a Pick-Up Band is needed for the first game and sometimes even the second. Keep your eyes open for a listing on our blog, a post on Facebook, or an email to our Interest Card list for the invitation to sign up.

Due to the popularity of participating in the Pick-Up Game and limited space in the stands, we will be capping the Pick-Up Band at 260 members this year with priority by group and sign up time as follows: (1) Current OMB Members (2) High School Seniors (3) High School Juniors (4) All others. Sign up early to ensure your spot.

2019 Pick Up Band Info and Sign up HERE


Liability Waiver for NON-OMB PARTICIPANTS: http://pages.uoregon.edu/bandadm/PickUpBandWaiver.pdf


A typical schedule includes:

The band typically performs on the field; therefore, everyone is required to attend rehearsal.

7:30am | Buses 1-2 depart Mac Court (percussion, sousaphones, color guard, and people needing instruments and equipment)
7:45am | Buses 3-5 depart Mac Court (all others)

 8:00am | Instrument check-out (drums, sousaphones and everyone who said they need to borrow an instrument)

8:30am | Rehearsal

10:30am | Music rehearsal in the stands.

11:15am | Lunch

12:15pm | Pre-set for Pre-Game

12:40pm | Pre-Game show. After show, return to stands.

1:00pm | Kick-off

5:00 pm | Game concludes (approx.) – Return instruments and music at truck. Buses return to Mac Court as they are filled.

5:45pm | Buses arrive at Mac Court


What to wear:Wear a green shirt and blue jeans or long blue jean shorts (no holes) and comfortable shoes! Color Guard wear black athletic/yoga pants. Green shirts should be close to the apple/kelly green shade.

What to bring: Instrument, plastic water bottle, hat (optional for in the stands, we will NOT wear hats on the field), sunscreen, sunglasses, earplugs, lyre (if needed, music will be provided).

Instrument Check Out: Indicate whether you need an instrument on the survey. You will pick up instruments at the truck located inside the gates of Autzen. Reed players will need their own mouthpiece, reeds, ligature, etc. Brass players should also bring a mouthpiece, if possible. Current OMB members can check out their horn for the season at this time.


Basketball Winter Break Pick-Up Band

During winter break, we put together a pick-up basketball band to play for the remaining pre-season games. Keep your eyes open for a listing on our blog, a post on Facebook, or an email to our Interest Card list for the invitation to sign up. Typically, you will enter through the west media entrance, call time will be 90 minutes before tip-off, and you will be asked to come wearing a green (preferably Oregon) shirt.



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