Color Guard


Color Guard Auditions and Requirements

On Sunday, before band camp, potential members will be asked to demonstrate flag basics as defined in the videos located below. Those who are new to color guard should use the videos (and color guard friends) to learn the flag basics. Those who are veterans of color guard should use the videos to familiarize themselves with the specific combinations used in the OMB Color Guard. Potential members will be placed based on proficiency with a flag. The same will be true for weapons.

OMB Color Guard Course:
Color guard members must enroll in the OMB Class – MUS 395: Top Marching Band for two credits. If you are required to take a co-requisite (see below) you may register for MUS 395: Top Color Guard/Marching for 1 credit and your 1 credit dance class.

Dance Co-Requisite:
Guard members should enroll in a dance class unless placed into the 300-level (placement auditions through the Dance department will tell members which class is appropriate for them if they are unsure). It is strongly recommended to take a ballet or modern dance class (exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis). Below are the recommended courses color guard members can enroll in:

DANC 170 Modern I CRN 12180 and 12181
DANC 172 Ballet I CRN 12182 and 12183
DANC 270 Modern II CRN 12195 and 12196

If you have any questions about the Color Guard contact Jen Freeman:

OMB Color Guard Audition Videos: