Color Guard

Color Guard Auditions and Requirements

On Friday, before band camp, potential members will be asked to demonstrate flag basics. Potential members will be placed based on proficiency with a flag. The same will be true for weapons.

OMB Color Guard Course: Color guard members must enroll in the OMB Class – MUS 395: Top Marching Band for two credits. Members with little dance or color guard experience may benefit from taking a dance co-requisite. If you choose to take a co-requisite (see below) you may register for MUS 395: Top Color Guard/Marching for 1 credit and your 1 credit dance class.

Dance Co-Requisite:
It is strongly recommended to take a ballet or modern dance class (exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis). Below are the recommended courses color guard members can enroll in:

DANC 170 Modern I

DANC 172 Ballet I

DANC 270 Modern II

If you have any questions about the Color Guard contact Jen Freeman:

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