Why Should I Join The OMB?

  1. You instantly have 200+ friends before school even starts!
  2. Perform for over 60,000 people each week!
  3. You get to travel with all expenses paid!
  4. You don’t need tickets to football games!
  5. You get to wear custom Nike uniforms and you get to keep the shoes!


Common Myths About Joining the OMB:

  1. I have to be a music major to join.  FALSE
    Less than 20% of our band members are music majors, the rest are majors from all across campus.
  2.  I’m not good enough.  FALSE
    Our students have varied levels of experience, and as you continue to play your instrument, you will improve.
  3. Freshmen can’t join.  FALSE
    It doesn’t matter! You can march any year.
  4. I can’t join because I’ve never marched before.  FALSE
    Every year we get a handful of people who’ve never marched before! The Drum Majors hold a Marching Refresher the first day of band camp to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5.  It costs a lot of money to join!  FALSE
    Unlike some high school marching bands, we only charge a $60 ensemble fee (in addition to course tuition). The OMB covers all travel costs, including travel to Bowl Games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a time commitment is the OMB?

The OMB is a registered class that meets every Monday and Wednesday from 3:20-6 pm and Thursday from 7-9:30pm. Band camp starts two weeks before the beginning of fall term. During this time we rehearse from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with two 1.5 hour breaks. Depending on the season, we perform at 5-7 home games, at least one away game, and often a post-season bowl game. Anytime the OMB travels, all expenses are paid and each student is given money for meals.

What is a typical day during Band Camp?

•9:00-12:00 Morning Block: Visual Technique, marching basics, learning/cleaning drill.
•1:30-4:30 Afternoon Block: Music rehearsal. Large ensemble and sectional work. Show music and stands music, Battery/Front Ensemble/Color Guard sectionals.
•6:00-9:00 Evening Block- Visual Technique, marching basics, learning/cleaning drill, marching and playing.

Are there auditions?

Currently, the OMB is a non-audition group with the exception of the drumline and color guard but you will have a placement audition on the first day of band camp.

Do I need to bring my own instrument?

All instruments are provided by the OMB and the School of Music. Brass players are required to use OMB horns. Woodwind players may use their own instruments.

I’m living in the dorms. Will I have a place to stay during Band Camp?

Yes! We set up homestays with OMB veterans that are willing to let you stay at their home or dormstays. You will need to sign up for early residence hall arrival with housing, which opens about half way through the first week of band camp. Homestay information will be available a month before band camp. See our JOIN OMB page for more info.

I go to LCC, how do I register for OMB?

If you are not a University of Oregon student, please read the OMB Non-Matriculated Student Policy for more information and directions on how to register. You can register through Lane Community College OR through the University of Oregon Community Education Program, which allows non-admitted students to take up to 8 credits for a reduced tuition rate. Go to cep.uoregon.edu to enroll.

What kind of credit does marching band fulfill?

The course is worth 2 upper division credits (MUS 395: Top Marching Band). If you are a non-music major it counts as upper division elective credits, if you are a music major it counts as 2 upper division elective music credits, and if you are a music minor it counts as 2 upper division ensemble credits.

Can I sign up for more than one ensemble?

Yes! Playing in another ensemble is allowed. You can sign up for them individually and pay for the tuition credits or you can choose the option of Marching/Symphonic Band or Marching/Wind Ensemble. These options combine Marching Band on MWTh with the other bands on T Th. It gives you more musical opportunities with the tuition cost of two credits.

The Week of Welcome overlaps with band camp. Do I still need to go?

There are some meetings in the week of welcome series that are mandatory, but they are mostly for students to get to know campus and meet new people. As a member of the OMB, you will already know a lot about campus and will already know nearly 200 new people! If you must go, make sure to talk to your section leader and a drum major.

Are Scholarships available?

Yes! Scholarships can be earned through auditioning into the Green or Yellow Garter Band. These 12-member groups are made up of select musicians in the OMB and perform at many events year round such as football, basketball, volleyball, banquets, and high schools around the Northwest. The Yellow Garter Band is awarded $1350, while the Green Garter Band is awarded a scholarship of nearly $6,300 per year. Auditions are held in the spring of each year. You do not have to be a music major. You must be an OMB member for at least one season to be eligible for the Green Garter Band, but incoming freshmen are eligible for Yellow Garter Band. If you would like to audition, indicate your interest on our Interest Card found on our home page. An e-mail will be sent in early spring with a list of open spots and audition times.

Can my parents get tickets?

The Festival of Bands is the best opportunity for your parents to see you perform. Every year, the Oregon Marching Band hosts this high school competition and the OMB performs twice throughout the day. Each OMB member is given one complimentary ticket and additional tickets can be purchased at the gate. For dates and details please visit the “Events” section of our website.
The Oregon Marching Band cannot get football tickets for parents. If tickets are available they can be purchased at goducks.com or by calling 1-800-WEBFOOT. Goducks.com also has a feature called Ticket Marketplace, which is the safest way to buy sold out duck tickets from other people.

What about Post Season Travel?

If the Oregon football team makes it to a good bowl game, the marching band will attend the game. Bowl game dates range from mid-December to the first week in January. We will not know what bowl game Oregon will go to until the end of the season. The OMB will put together a list of bowl predictions and estimated travel dates in early December so that families can better plan their holiday breaks. This prediction list is a guideline and will be subject to change. The OMB provides round-trip travel to the bowl game from Eugene, Oregon. If you go home for the break, it will be your financial responsibility to get back to Eugene or to the bowl location. If we bus to the bowl location, we will work out stops along the way to pick up students.

Who do I call if I have another question?

Band Office
(541) 346-5670

Anna Frazer
Administrative Coordinator of Athletic Bands
(541) 346-2138

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