Auditions for the OMB Percussion Section will be held in three parts: Part 1 – Spring Oregon Percussion Audition Workshop (ONLINE for 2020), Part II – Summer video assignments, Part III – Finalized the first day of “band camp”. The auditions consist of a short orientation meeting, followed by a rehearsal-style group audition where all participants try out in a line setting.

There is no individual audition, although participants may be asked to play by themselves in front of the group.
Participants are not required to prepare any particular exercise or pieces beforehand, and all music is taught at the audition.

If you are auditioning for a battery instrument, you should be familiar with the 40 P.A.S. rudiments as well as some more contemporary “hybrid” rudiments. You should also have experience with the marching techniques associated with the battery, as movement is a big part of the activity.

Front ensemble will require a placement audition. If you are auditioning for mallets or synthesizer, we recommend you be able to read bass and treble clef, play arpeggios, and major/minor scales in keys up to 4 flats and sharps. If you wish to play timpani, you should have a basic knowledge of tuning and playing technique.

A great way to prepare for the percussion auditions is by attending the Alan Keown Drum Camp.

Spring Audition Workshop information can be found HERE (

The OMB Percussion Section consists of:

    • Snare Line: 7-10 players
    • Tenor Line: 4-6 players
    • Bass Line: 5-6 players
    • Cymbal Line: 7-10 players
    • Mallets (marimba/vibraphone/xylophone/bells): 5-9 players
    • Synthesizers: 1-2 players
    • Timpani (set of 4-5 drums): 1 player
    • Auxiliary Percussion (concert bass, gong, toms, cymbals, etc.): 2-4 players

If you have any questions about the Drumline or Front Ensemble, contact Micah Brusse:

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