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21 comments on “MEMBERS
  1. Danielle Cormier says:

    I am a senior and feature Twirler at Southwest High School in High Point, NC. I am also a 3 national champion in Show Twirl and in 3- baton. I have always wanted to be a Duck and was wondering if you have twirlers in your band?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Danielle,

      We do not have twirlers in the Oregon Marching Band. We do have an excellent Color Guard that includes a Rifle Line. More information about our color guard can be found at

      We hope to see you auditioning next year!

      Go Ducks!

      Anna Waite
      Administrative Coordinator

      • Kris Li says:

        Hi, I am a baton twirler as well, and I was wondering if the band accepts baton twirlers at all? I would love to audition for next season.

        • Anna says:

          Hi Kris, baton twirlers interested in joining the OMB are encouraged to audition for our Color Guard:

  2. Maekaye Elkington says:

    Hi I’m a junior at Caldwell High School an I play baritone saxophone and was wondering if you guys have a baritone saxophone in your marching band?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Maekaye,

      We do not march baritone saxophones as the cost to maintain them is too high. We do however, have baritone saxophones in our Basketball Band and Garter Bands! Bari sax players often double on other instruments. For instance, the current Yellow Garter Band bari sax player plays alto sax in the Marching Band and the Green Garter Band bari sax players is one of our trumpet section leaders!

      Go Ducks!

      Anna Waite
      Administrative Coordinator

  3. William Li says:

    Hi, I’m a junior @ the William S. Hart High School, I was wondering if college marching band is really as depicted in the movie “Drumline”. Because I know that our high school marching band doesn’t go that hardcore. Is marching band all year long? For football and basketball? Or just one? Does UO have a wind ensemble or wind symphony?

    • Anna says:

      Hi William,

      There are many different kinds of marching bands in the US, all stemming from different traditions of movement. The movie, “Drumline” depicts a style more commonly found in the south. The OMB marches a “corps-style”, which means our movements come from the Drum & Bugle Corps tradition. Although we hold a high standard for performance, we do not attempt to match the DCI bands. See our mission statement on the “About Us” page to get an idea of our culture and performance values.
      The Oregon Marching Band begins rehearsing two weeks before classes start in the fall and continues until the football season ends. Although the regular season ends in late November, our successful football program has taken us to many post-season games such as the Pac-12 Championship Game, and various Bowl Games through early January. Once football ends, we have a Basketball Band that is audition-only that plays for the Men’s Basketball Games during winter term.
      The Green and Yellow Garter Bands are two, twelve-piece groups that in addition to OMB and OBB performances, perform at athletic, recruiting, and other events year-round, for which they receive a scholarship.
      The University of Oregon School of Music offers several other large ensemble performing opportunities: University Symphony, Oregon Wind Ensemble, and the Oregon Symphonic Band are all auditioned groups. The Oregon Campus Band is non-audition and meets once a week. See the School of Music’s website at for more information on these ensembles.

      I hope this helps answer some of your questions! I encourage you to schedule a meeting on a Friday to sit in on one of our rehearsals.

      Go Ducks!

      Anna Waite
      Administrative Coordinator

  4. Kayla P says:

    Hi, I’m a senior at Gilmer County High School in Glenville, West Virginia. I know I’m really far away, but I have always wanted to be a Duck. I was wondering if your drum line had try-outs.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Kayla,

      Yes, more information can be found here:

      We have members from all over the country, and you’ll find that there are Duck fans everywhere!

  5. Jewels says:

    Hello, I’ve been looking forward to join the OMB ever since I can remember. I will be a freshman this coming year with the major of music education. I was looking at the fall schedule and noticed that between December 17th and January 12th there will be a possible trip. I have a family trip planned from December 27-January 3. Will this bring major conflict? should this stop me from joining the wonderful OMB?

  6. Esdras Jules says:

    I live in Orlando, Florida, but I’m really interested in being an Oregon Duck. Is there anything I could do that could get me seen for an opportunity to make that come true?

  7. Erik says:

    Hi I am a senior in high school in California. I been in band for four years. I am in front ensemble and I am wondering if you have front ensemble in your band that performs at football game

    • Anna says:

      Hi Erik,

      Yes! We are one of the few marching bands in the PAC-12 with a Front Ensemble.

      -Keyboards (Marimbas/Vibraphones): 4-6 players
      -Synthesizers: 1-2 players
      -Timpani (set of 4-5 drums): 1 player
      -Aux. Perc. (Concert Bass Drum, Gong, Toms, etc.): 2-4 players

      If you have any questions about playing in our Front Ensemble (or Batterie), contact our Percussion Instructor Micah Brusse:

  8. George Balderas says:


    My name is George Balderas and I played percussion for El Cerrito High School’s Wind Ensemble and snare drum for marching band. I am looking forward to being part of the OMB family as a snare drummer! I am also considering trying out for the Green Garter Band! Is there any audition music that OMB provides and if so, may I have a link for snare drum and for drums?

    Thank you!

    George Balderas

    • Hunter Niehus says:

      Hi George!

      I apologize for noticing this so late. The Garter Band auditions are held separately from the drumline auditions. They were May 23rd this year. The Green Garter Band is not open to new members (i.e. it must be your second year at the Oregon Athletic Bands to join), however Yellow Garter Band is! I encourage you to audition for Oregon Basketball Band this Fall/Winter to learn some of what the Garter Bands play.

      As for the drumline audition music, we usually teach all the necessary pieces at band camp. Our percussion instructor Micah Brusse ( can likely provide you with more information. If you’re curious, Micah is the caption head at the Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps, and many of the exercises (but not all) are shared between OMB and Cascades. You can check out their audition packet here:, under Battery Percussion.

      Hope to see you this Fall!


  9. Damian says:

    I am an incoming freshman this year, I plan on moving into the dorms early. I have applied for the early move-in already, showing I will be apart of the band. my question is, does the band take care of the fees of the early arrival into the dorms till the actual move in date or no?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Damian, all band members pay for their own housing accommodations. The band just coordinates the early arrival process.

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