Despite the COVID19 pandemic, there WILL be an Oregon Marching Band this fall! We are planning our season as scheduled but we are ready in case we need to adjust things. Any changes to the schedule will be updated here and communicated by email to those registered. 

1. Fill out an Interest Card
This gives us your initial contact information and your instrument so we can keep you updated on registration, events and opportunities to perform with us! *You can fill out an interest card at any age!

2. Download the Fall Schedule (2020 Fall Schedule)

3. Attend Drumline or Color Guard Auditions
Currently, the OMB is a non-audition group with the exception of the Drumline and Color Guard. These auditions begin in spring. The specific dates are announced late winter – you will be notified via interest card mailing list (see step #1)  but also keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements. Drumline and Colorguard positions are finalized on the first days of band camp. Please see the Drumline and Color Guard pages above for more information. All other members will have a placement audition on the first day of band camp.

4. Enroll in the Class
The Oregon Marching Band is a 2-credit class called MUS 395: Top Marching Band MW 3:20-6:00pm Th 7-9:30pm. Enroll in the class when you register for your regular classes to avoid class conflicts! There are several registration options for MUS 395, including some that “package” marching band with other ensembles for a lower tuition rate. See the Athletic Band Classes handout for more information. If you are not a University of Oregon student, please read the OMB Non-Matriculated Student Policy for more information and directions on how to register.

5. Register With the OMB  (Available NOW!)
Fill out an online form with the OMB in spring prior to your intended year. It will let us know all the details like your uniform size, game-day lunch order, medical information and if you need a homestay or dormstay during band camp. Returning members need to register here as well.

6. Choose your Band Camp Housing Option
Band camp is two weeks before school starts. If you are living in the residence halls, you need to apply for early arrival though housing. This allows you to move either before Band Camp or on the Wednesday during the first week of band camp. If choosing the latter option, the OMB will set up a place for you to stay with an OMB vet (“Homestay”).

7. Download the detailed Band Camp Schedule (Available August 2020)

8. Download the OMB What To Bring list

9. Show Up to Band Camp and the OMB Welcome Meeting!

The OMB will meet for the first time as a group in Beall Hall of the School of Music at the beginning of camp after some placement auditions and uniform distributions. See the Band Camp Schedule for all the details.

10. Attend Band Camp
Band camp runs 9am-9pm the two weeks before classes begin. A detailed schedule becomes available in August.







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